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soldering another VCO to EV-ADF4159EBxZ

Question asked by Jakopov on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by rbrennan


For measurement purposes we need to generate a frequency chirp from 9 to 9.55 GHz.

to do this we thought of using EV-ADF4159EBxZ board together with HMC510 or HMC734 VCO. If I understood correctly their packaging is similar to the original VCO that can be soldered to the board (MAOC-009269).

1. Can those  VCO's be soldered to the board in place of the original VCO?

2. Can I buy the board with one of the VCO's already assembled?

3. If not, Should I use EB1Z (and just solder it) or EB3Z (remove the original vco and the solder it)

4. Will the functionality be hindered? (voltage levels, matching, output power, etc)


Thank you