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Adv7280-M tiled image

Question asked by asaf1982 on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by Rob.Analog


It seems that we are receiving a corrupted test pattern from the adv-7280m.

Some information regarding our current state, that might help you investigate the problem:

1. We are using a standard analog devices script: color_bars_576p_mipi_out.

2. After programming the ADV7280-M the crystal frequency is 28.63636MHz.

3. We attached few pictures of our signal(scope_x.jpg), could you please verify if it is valid?

4. We tried different values of CSI map registers(TLPX,THSPREP,THSZEROS,THSTRAIL, THSEXIST,TCLK_PREP,TCLK_ZEROS,TCLK_TRAIL), and we saw it influences the color bar picture we are receiving.

The best color bar picture we managed to receive is attached(colorbar.jpg) - it seems like the test pattern appears multiple times(tiled).

5. On Boundary box test pattern we received tiled rectangles(bounday_box.jpg).
6. Status register values for the test pattern attached are:

0x10: 0x0a

0x12: 0x00

0x13: 0x1c

7. On the receiver side we get some CRC and lost frame end/start events.
Could anyone please advise what could be the problem?