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AD5593R DAC setup question (gain = 2 mode)

Question asked by tak on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by tak

Hello All,


I have two questions for DAC mode for AD5593R.


Q1) Is it OK for setup below?

VDD: 3.1V, VREF: 2.5V (Internal REF), 8-channels at the DAC mode

DAC VOUT = 2 x VREF (DAC range select bit = 1)


My customer got DAC VOUT Range is 0V to 2.9V. They understood and reduce the VOUT range, due to VDD = 3.1V.

But, is it any other problem for set the “2 x VREF Mode” at the VDD = 3.1V, instead of VDD = 5V?


Q2) Could you let me know what VOUT voltage value does saturate at the upper setup condition (VDD = 3.1V, Gain = 2)?


Best Regards,