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SigmaStudio Level Detector issue

Question asked by Felix.Lee on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by norman

There was some doubt about the Level detector in Sigmastudio.

My tese condition, ADAU1761, iPhone6.

1. when set up project as below figure, there were display -64db level in the block while no input source.

so my question is:

① where are the -64db noise from? ADAU1761 ADC noise?

② whether the "single level detector"  indicate range equal to other one.





2. when set up project as below figure, input 1khz 0db source from iPhone6(1V RMS),there will indicate different level, it close.

so my question is:

① why those block cannot match the real input source level? where are difference value 17db come from?(ADAU1761 AUX ADC channel set to 0db)

② is there any way to read the indicate value in 1761 register? or some document to discribe reduction formula?



In some application, need read the input level to save power, look forward replay, TKS!