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FMCOMSS1 - Sending 2's complement data

Question asked by LouisBe on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by rejeesh
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Hi all,


I am having a similar issue with DMA playback but somewhat different. The saturation problem happens when I playback 2's complement numbers.


I managed to set the DAC in 2's complement in 2 places/registers in the HDL registers.


ADI_REG_CNTRL_2 :common' register for DAC control

and ADI_REG_USR_CNTRL_3(c) for each DACchannel

Still , I have the saturation problem.


I will dig in but was wondering if someone saw that before and was fixed.


Are there other registers somewhere in the Tx chain to define to playback numbers in 2's complement ?


Thanks for the feedback,


Louis Bélanger,

U. Laval;