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Question for replace ADV7842 without HDCP key to with HDCP key

Question asked by Kaos on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Kaos

Dear Sir/Madam,


I need your good advice!

Our customer have met the trouble as following.


When the customer had developed with ADV7842KBCZ-5P(=without HDCP key), then the customer could watch the sample image.

The recorder what they used is DMP-BW800/Panasonic.

The customer had played DVD-disk SD(VGA) on DMP-BW800/Panasonic. This is no problem.


But when the customer replaced from ADV7842KBCZ-5P to ADV7842KBCZ-5(=with HDCP key), then the customer could not get the test-image on DMR-BRT300/Panasonic.

It only shows "HDMI" on the window of DMR-BRT300. But no test-image on there. It seems to recognize signal.

But the customer could watch the test-image on BD-W1500/SHARP as same condition. It seems no problem.


The registers for EDID/HDCP have been set as default.

EDID(address A0); Set by external ROM

So the DDC data that is catched by ADC is only HDCP(address 74). On this condition, the function of EDID/HDCP is default OK?



Please advice us the register setting for with-HDCP model.

Otherwise what should we confirm about this trouble reason searching?


Thank you in advnace, Kaos