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Hittite HMC-MDB277 LO input

Question asked by Mixerk on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by Mixerk

Hi, I have a question with LO drive of Hittite HMC-MDB277 mixer.


My desired specs proceed as follows:

IF frequency : 13~18 GHz

LO frequency : 63 GHz

RF frequency : 76~81 GHz


Although the datasheet of the mixer says that it operates at the LO frequency of 70~90 GHz,

we are going to use LO frequency of 63 GHz.

I can expect that the conversion loss would be greater than -12 dB.


Also, I expect that my system cannot make LO input of +14 dBm. (datasheet says LO input=+14 dBm)

It would be +12~+13.5 dBm.


Is it OK to use LO drive of less than +14 dBm?

How much the degradation of conversion loss would it be?


Thank you.