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ADAU1452 Eval Board Mounting/Enclosing

Question asked by TomCAnalog on Jan 1, 2016
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I'm working on enclosing a ADAU1452 Eval board and have taken some mechanical measurements.  I have not yet found a 'standard' enclosure so am pursuing a custom one that allow access to all 3 required board edges.


These may be of interest and perhaps others have information to share.

(I apologize, these may be quite crude and not too understandable!  There seems to be some roundoff buildup.) Perhaps I'll later generate/post a sketch too.


I first started measuring in metric, but the measurements seemed 'nicer' in inches, thus my results:


Board dimensions:  3.1 x 5.3 inches


Top edge of board defined as edge with SPI connector, board viewed from adau component side:

Used bottom edge as reference


jacks 0.2in diameter,

jack panel thickness, (- i.e the thickness of the enclosure that would allow the jack to be accessible):  0.1in MAX


input jacks  0.9inch from edge to center, 1.2 ctr to ctr

output jacks 0.6in from edge to center, 0.6 in ctr to ctr

audio jacks 0.175 below bd top surface


SPI jack center 1.52in to center from left edge, 0.25in from top edge

power 2.37 -  0.35/2 from board right,  0.325 below bd top surface

reset button 1.8 -   0.24/2 from left edge

          1.25-0.24/2 from top edge

TOSlinks positions  TBD

I hope this is helpful - if others have enclosure ideas to share, please do!