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ofdm tx ouput data  in ad9361  reference design

Question asked by rahulram on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by weiwade


    i am trying to send and receive i q data from my custom ip to the ad9361 in fmcomms 4 board along with zc706. for this i am using no os driver with two similar setup . first i drive my data from my ip to the util_dac_unpack block provided which sends the data to ad9361 on the reference clock provided in the rf board. i am only using single channel for this purpose. i am using 20 mhz sampling rate to send my ofdm data through rf.also i have removed the sine lut provide in the reference design ,so only my data is being transmitted. now my problem is that when i view my output signal in iioscope i am getting sinewave along with my sent data . i get sinewave when i am not sending any data . pls find the screen shot attached with this post , it might further explain my problem. thanks