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Looking for footprint for ADP5052

Question asked by wdecook on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by power-layout-guy

What is the suggested land pattern for the ADP5052 in the CP-48-13 package? The document offered at only gives the dimensions of the package itself and not a footprint. Also, the link to AN-772 on this page does not work.


I've built a symbol for Allegro PCB Editor using ADP5052ACPZ-R7.bxl in Ultra Librarian, but am weary about using this since the output of Ultra Librarian rarely matches land pattern drawings (which I have none to compare to) in my experience. One possible mistake on this symbol is that the center pad has a soldermask that is a 1 mil square, which I suspect is a bit on the small side. Should the exposed pad not be soldered down?


Please supply a land pattern for this package.