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Interfacing ADRF6620 with Ardunio, Rpi or Odroid via Spi

Question asked by Vecihi on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by gyaliniz

     I have a project about indoor positioning. I have ADRF6620 mixer and I design PCB and print it. Now I want to interface mixer with Ardunio, Raspberry Pi or ODROID. ADRF6620 has bi-directional 3-wire SPI. I have made some search on google and Rpi bi-directional mode not available. For Ardunio I see just example. Is it possible to interface ADRF6620 with Ardunio, Odroid or Rpi? Also I have some question about ADC. I have cirrus logic WM8224 ADC which use for Video and has 3-Channel for RGB. Can I interface mixer output with WM8224 and use single channel? You can see ADC datasheet on attachment.


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