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ADV7842 VGA Total Samples Mismatch

Question asked by Krishnavinod.k on Dec 30, 2015
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I am using ADV7842 VGA Interface in one of my custom design.I am using ADV7842-VER.5.9c_AVEB.txt supported scripts to configure ADV7842. I am facing an inconsistency with DMT 1285 -SXGA format SYNC Generation to downstream device (FPGA).


I am getting proper line numbers for each frame,i.e 1072 for DMT 1285-SXGA. But each line instead of getting constant 1728 samples. I am getting varying total samples per line continuously (like 1727,1729,1728,1727,1729,1728,........).


Can you tell a way to identify the issue ?


Thanks & Regards,

Krishna Vinod