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ADM1166 Programmable Driver Output(12V charge-pump output) is not coming for a single channel

Question asked by Sonu57 on Dec 30, 2015
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I am using ADM1166 for monitoring & sequencing the supplies in my board.


All the charge pump output of the ADm1166 i.e. PDO1 to PDO6 should give a output voltage of 12V.


PDO1 to PDO5 is giving a output voltage of 12V.


But PDO6 is not giving  12V instead it is giving a less voltage between 0.075 to 0.15V.


The PDO6 pin & ground impedance is 442ohm & the impedance of other outputs i.e. PDO1 to PDO5 to ground is 1.5Mohm.


I am suspecting the ADM1166 sequencer CONFIGURABLE OUTPUT DRIVER (HV) for the particular channel gone bad.


Can you suggest how the output driver would have failed.



Soumya S