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Operate ADP5090 using rectifier

Question asked by on Dec 30, 2015
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Hi there,


I just bought an ADP5090 and used a DC power supply to test it. With 0.4V input(VIN), the output(SYS and BAT) is 3V as I set for termination. I think this is the "after cold start" situation, so I use 0.1V input(VIN), and the output(SYS and BAT) is 3V as well.

Then, I connect a rectifier(as attached file) with Signal Generator. The output of rectifier is connected to ADP5090 input(VIN). Measuring the VIN, it is about 0.1~0.2V. BUT, the  output(SYS and BAT) CANNOT boost to 3V. Instead, the voltage of SYS slowly drops from 3V.

I don't know if ADP5090 has to feed a pure DC input or there is other problem?

Thanks a lot!