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Question asked by black3 on Dec 29, 2015
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I have something to ask you about HMC-MDB277.


I’m looking for an up-converter which modulates a 73-GHz LO signal with a high-speed(>10 Gbps) baseband data and also a down-converter which operates in the opposite way.
The target application is not related to E-band wireless backhaul. There is another different channel I’ve made for communication in the ~70GHz frequency band.


If the several requirements are satisfied, our lab is planning to purchase the product.


  1. Is the gMBR0011 suitable to up-convert and down-convert the NRZ/PAM4 data using a LO frequency of 73GHz?
  2. Can you show me data regarding to the return loss at the IF port and RF port?
    I don’t know what kind of bandwidth do the ‘IF bandwidth’ and ‘RF bandwidth’ mean.


I’m looking forward to your reply.


Have a good time at the end of the year.




Thank you.