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ADV7391 - I2C ALSB Address Problems?

Question asked by ShaharW on Dec 28, 2015
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I'm using ADV7391 In my work design as a Bar Generator for some Video System. i'm having some communication problems while I2c conversation.

I'm using board TS4710 Linux arc.


application diagram:

VAA = 3.3V

VDD-IO = 3.3V

PVDD = 1.8V

VDD = 1.8V

COMP = -> 2.2nf -> 3.3V

RSET = -> 510ohm -> GND

EXT_LF = filter circuit (as the DATA SHEET)


CLKIN = 27Mhz Clock

NOT(RESET) = Normaly High (Active low)

P0-7 = -> 10kohm -> GND

V/HSYNC = ->10kohm -> 3.3V

SDA/SCL = TS4710 (I2c Port)



1) When i'm Power up there is some video signal in DAC1 output (default video settings - image DAC1 attach file)

2 i'm detecting I2c address in port 0x57 (despite Alsb=0)

3) After reseting the component, trying to send some subaddress commands ( i2cset -y 1 0x57 0x00 0x00)

according to the data sheet the conversation is fine (getting ACK) but the component dosen't react to the commands (still default video signal dispite 0x00 0x00 its a sleep mode).

4) I'm using more then the ADV7391 I2c component on the bus and they are working properly.


what the problem can be? is the component demaged?