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Receive no FCO and DCO signal

Question asked by isaacting on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by AshrafS

Hi! I am a new user to the AD9670. Now I face a serious problem that whatever methods I tried, I couldn't receive any TEST_IO mode data sent back from the ADC. The following are the steps that I use to startup AD9670 through FPGA


1. Input differential clock+/clock-

2. Input TX_TRIG singal

3. Use SPI protocol to send startup sequence into AD9670

4. Send the TEST_IO mode (0x00D, data: 00000100)


Use the steps above, I can read the chip ID to my FPGA successfully, but I can't receive any signal like FCO or DCO. Without these two signal, LVDS can't be reconstructed. I have been re-ordering the steps of startup sequence written in the reference, but nothing really comes out.


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               Isaac Ting