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KC705 and FMCOMMS1 RevB/C + SDR Simulink(Matlab)

Question asked by kpiterrr on Dec 26, 2015
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Please point me to any reference design for SDR Simulink on KC705 + FMCOMM1.

I found description for ZC706 + FMCOMMS1 RevB/C design only. I see that Matlab Support Package has something for KC705 and FMCOMMS1 (c:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2015a\fpgahdl_xilinx-ad_fmcomms1_ebz_edk_14_4_2013_04_04\cf_xcomm_kc705). But there is no any information how to use KC705 + FMCOMM1.

Another way I'm looking for IIO System Object for KC705 + FMCOMM1 but there is no at least the configuration file for create the IIO System Object.

Asking you help for make KC705 + FMCOMM1 working for transmit and receive the data!