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ADE7816 SPI No response

Question asked by Lyncheese on Dec 26, 2015
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Currently, I'm continuing my development on ADE7816.

I just received my ADE7816 Custom Board which is made after a discussion not to long ago.

Below is the thread :


I have change the new board schematic accordingly to the ADE Support suggestion.


After that, I soldered ONLY the caps for the ADE7816 Power and Pull-up resistor & cap, with intention to see if the Chip is working.

I ignore the other external components temporarily (for VP, VN, IA-IF).


Here are what I've got so far :


First, I toggled the SS pin 3 times.....

As you can see after It's toggled 3 times, then I try to lock the SPI comm. (The thick line, I'll expand it in the 2nd & 3rd figure).

Then, I sent 0xFE 0xEC 0x01 0x00 to locked it. But, I got nothing as the reply. Is this supposed to be like that ?

Because after that, I try to read the 0xE700 register and I also didn't get any answer....


I have checked the power as the document told me to.

The AVDD, DVDD are at 2.5V, IREF is at 1.2V


Is there anything I have done wrong ?


Thank you.

Warm regards.