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listening mode on AD9361

Question asked by ENGINEER on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by tlili

Hi All,

         I need to achieve the following.




1. Configure AD9361 in listening mode [no transmit] in only one antenna.

2. I need precise number of samples to be dumped [say for 20 LTE TTI's].


Related or other questions


1. what is the role of ENABLE pulse on the AD9361 w.r.t to the above requirement. i assume it triggers the start of rx frame and rx data, but WHO stops it.

2. how RXCLK, RX_FRAME and RX_DATA need to be for the bursty mode. i assume rxclk is present and continuous, but frame and data are bursty.

3. is FRAME signal assured to be always phase synched to the clk [every time the bursty data is triggered]. in other words,i need the phase of FRAME SIGNAL w.r.t to RISING EDGE OF clk to be always at some X degrees. is it assured that way in case of bursty data.

4. delaying data w.r.t to clk, does  it delay frame signal also.

5. what is the difference between 3 LNAs [A,B,C]. is there any specific LNA to be chosen for just listening.

6. is there any example configuration which you can share for such purpose. if available, please point me to it.

7. is there any dependancy of transmit path on receive path [if receive path is configured for listening mode/bursty capture of samples].

8. just like driving the clock strength [03b register], are there any registers to increase the drive strength rx FRAME and rx data signals.

9. any physical considerations for ad9361 operating in bursty kind of data capture.