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ADV7619 HDCP issue

Question asked by Srinivas on Dec 23, 2015
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We have ADV7619 + ADV8005 on our platform which is acting as a repeater. I have enabled HDCP repeater mode in software using ""ADIAPI_RepTxSetHdcpMode(HDCP_FOLLOW_INPUT). I see HDCP works fine with Sony DVD player.


Now we have to go for HDCP certification. I am trying to perform HDCP sink tests from 780 Quantum data generator by connecting generator as input to ADV7619. When I start HDCP sink test, it fails with "FIFO READY" bit time out. Seems like AKSV and BKSV keys are exchanged and generated key vectors are matched. But Repeater bit is not asserted in 5 seconds. So generator says test Failed.


Software sets KSV_LIST_READY (repeater register 0x71 bit 7) when writing BKSV keys to RX. This happens when software gets RX_EVENT_HDMI_AKSV_UPDATE interrupt (IO register 0x89 bit 0/2). Seems like software is not getting this AKSV update interrupt when test started on generator. May be authentication is already over in the beginning and BKSV keys are already written to RX. Since BKSV keys are available with RX, generator anyway reading them after repeater bit time out but complains about time out.


For testing, if I disable HDCP by default in software, HDCP sink test on generator passes. May be authentication is not done when generator is connected as HDCP is disabled in VSP SW. When HDCP test started on generator, software is getting AKSV keys update interrupt and it is writing BKSV keys to RX along with setting Repeater bit. This way test passes on generator.


My question is why ADV7619 did not trigger interrupt when it receives AKSV keys from test generator when test started on test generator in case of HDCP enabled. Is it ignoring as BKSV keys are already with RX? If that is the case how can I make the test passes on test generator?