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Xilin DMA with LIBIIO : buffer size only 64KB

Question asked by fivepanda on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by magna

Hi, larsc,

Several days ago, you give me the answer that libiio can be compatible with xilinx dma.

yesterday I successfully lauched the dma to transfer using libiio with xilinx simple dma,

the driver used with dma is xilinx_dmac(I noticed that this driver belongs to you, "analog

2012 copyright , larsc ",), but the xilinx dma driver doesn't fit for iio device(if I use xilinx

dma driver, the boot process will not find ad9265_lpc iio device).


Now with analog dma driver, everything seems go right, except that when I call "iio_buffer_refill",

the returned bytes length can't exceed a maxim number 64KB, I don't know why, I need a 8MB

buffer .In my hdldesign, the address assigned to dma register is 64KB, is it due to that the issue