New Article on Optimizing MEMS Gyroscope Performance!

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Just a quick reference to a newly released article:



Anticipating and Managing Critical Noise Sources in MEMS Gyroscopes



When a MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) is operating as a feedback sensor in a motion control system, gyroscope noise is an important behavior to understand because it can cause undesirable physical motion on the platform it is monitoring. Depending on the conditions, there are a number of potential error sources to consider when developing early, application-targeted noise estimates for a particular MEMS IMU. Three common gyroscope attributes to consider in this process are its inherent noise, response to linear vibration and misalignment errors. Figure 1 provides a simple model, which displays several attributes that are influential in evaluating each error source: source, sensor response, and filtering. This model provides the baseline for spectral analysis of each of these attributes.




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