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Strange FPGA Program error

Question asked by dcogan on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by dcogan

I am using the HDMI reference design adv7511/zc706.   I'm fairly new to the Xilinx SDK platform.


I was able to get the reference design to work at one point (generated bit file, exported HDF file, created application project in SDK, setup as described in the Analog Devices WIKI) but now I can't.


When I attempt now to program the FPGA (Xilinx Tools -> Program FPGA, set a bit file, and press program) I get a pop-up window that says "Program FPGA Failed.  Reason: wrong # args: should be "fpga ?options?' ".  I'm not sure what is causing this.  This is a GUI window which I have little control over.  Is there a specific way I should generate the bit file which creates an internal format that SDK will be happier with?