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IIO Scope capturing single event

Question asked by MalcolmC on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by MalcolmC

I'm currently running an AD9625-2.5-EBZ connected to a ZC706 running the FMCADC2 FPGA image/software.  Yes it is a bit of a Frankenstein set up, but it's what we have on hand.  My signal source is an Agilent signal generator.


I'm having trouble getting the IIO Scope application to capture single events.  Continuous events are fine (eg. a repeating sine wave) but if I change the signal generator to burst mode, the scope will not trigger until I send it a large number of cycles (eg. 50,000).


If I use a hardware scope, I can see single cycles right at the input to the ADC but the IIO Scope does not trigger and capture the data.


This seems to be the case no matter what the waveform looks like.  Single events are not captured, but a repeating signal will trigger the IIO Scope.


Any idea how to fix this?  Is it a SW version issue?