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Split AD9361 block into 2 blocks - RX and TX

Question asked by diegonolovich on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by ACozma

Hi, I am using the ad9361_sim.slx and I am doing a bit of testing and manipulation of received signals.


Essentially, I would like to first use the receiver to detect a signal. If that signal's peak lies within certain parameters (using IF Action Block), then I want to send a 1.5 MHz signal to the transmitter.


I had it all set up using the single AD9361 block that is provided, but I am getting a looping error as shown below. The error does not occur if I do not connect the output of my custom Sine Wave block to the DATA_IN lines. Is there a way to split the block so that it handles receive and transmit values separately. I need to it be sequence based so that the receiver functions first and the operations are handled and THEN sent to the transmitter.