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Question asked by ruben.d.g. on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by Kevin.Yao

  Hi this about a project we have with a client please if you
could assist: As you know, we are implementing the ADP5300 on a IOT solution.
The boards received, except one, have really low output impedance (50-250
Ohm).  I started the qualification
process with the good one (Zo= 5MOhm). Using some connection wires the PSU was
checked at no-load condition (Vin= 5.0V; Vo=3.279V). Unfortunately, after
soldering some measuring wires at the input and output, the board is not
working anymore (Vo= 0V; Zo= 20Ohm)  The
junction profile was verified and it matches to the Analog Devices suggestion
for the ADP5300 package  This product needs to be released as soon as
possible, Can you help us?