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Verifying AMI initialization on 21469 custom board

Question asked by yanava on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by yanava

We're trying to interface the ADSP-21469 with the Wiznet W5100. The W5100 chip uses an SPI interface, but it also has a SRAM-like interface. We disabled the SPI interface and are pretty confident that the design is ok. Everything is hooked up correctly and SHOULD work. The schematic sheet of this particular area is attached.


We're debugging the custom board with the ADZS-USB-ICE emulator and it's working pretty well, I can see all the internal memory areas are fine and a part of my code works. We now have to start writing code to deal with this network interface. This involves reading and writing from the W5100 chip as if it were an SRAM device.


I've built a simple code which initializes the AMI and do absolutely nothing afterwards. It was done using the code provided by the code generator, which is:



void main()
How can I check if there are any accesses to the SRAM-like device? To me, the most logical thing is to imagine the emulator will try to perform accesses to the external memory to retrieve the values and show to me when I access the External Byte memory from my VDSP++ window. It does not happen like that. I've hooked up the chip so it will occuppy the first bank only (MS0). When I accesss the 0x20 0000 address using the external byte window, nothing goes on on my scope. I believe I have to write to that location, but I'm not sure how to test it.


It's not clear to us from the HRM, if the AMI needs any further initialization. Does it share any banks with the DDR2 memory (does not look like that, even though the HRM tells us to assign banks to the AMI controller)? Our board was designed to run the DSP @ 400MHz and we're pleased with that, we don't need any extra power for now. Do we still need to initialize the PLL?


We're kinda lost here and we believe we're missing something or some documentation.


Best regards.