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I need to measure the output voltage of a sensor which is in the order of nanovolt. What amplifier would you recommend me to use before my DAQ device?

Question asked by SilasIII on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by krisf

We have a sensor that detects very slow movements of a biosample. The output is supposed to be in the order of nanovolts. These measurements should go to a DAQ system and computer for the user. Since our DAQ device can not pick on very low voltages, I need to amplify it before DAQ. I do not know what type I should buy. I am not an electronic engineer so please help me Also if you have recommendations on filtering before or after the amp I would be happy too. I have no idea how to know the frequency band of the output of my sensor to choose the best filter type both in hardware and software.  I also read this article but I still have problems. Thank you