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TWI interface

Question asked by pranay on Dec 18, 2015
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I am new to TWI protocol. am using BF607 processor whether the written code will configure this protocol or not am not getting. I want to check the register value which i am writing and  by reading it back whether communication happening or not.

I want to communicate to Clockbuffer(PLL)CDCE706 with the TWI interface.


When i Keep breakpoint in Readregister function, it is not coming into that function.

Code is as below,

Please give suggestions on this to move forward...

static bool Readregister(uint8_t reg, uint8_t *value)


  // write register address

  buffer[0] = reg;

ADI_TWI_RESULT result = adi_twi_Write(tDevice, buffer, 1, true);

  if (result != ADI_TWI_SUCCESS) {

printf("adi_twi_Write failed in Read\n");

  return false;


  // read register value

result = adi_twi_Read(tDevice, value, 1, false);

if (result != ADI_TWI_SUCCESS) {

  printf("adi_twi_Read failed\n");

  return false;


return true;


void TWI_driver()


     bool bResult;

  uint8_t Value;


  /* open the TWI driver in master mode */

  result = adi_twi_Open(1, ADI_TWI_MASTER, driverMemory, ADI_TWI_MEMORY_SIZE, &tDevice);


  * Use the driver API's to configure TWI


  result= adi_twi_SetBitRate(&tDevice, 100);

  result= adi_twi_SetDutyCycle(&tDevice, 50);

  result= adi_twi_SetPrescale(&tDevice, 10);

  result= adi_twi_SetHardwareAddress(&tDevice, 0x68);     //in place of 2nd argument use master mode address


  /* write data to the TWI device using a blocking write */

  result = adi_twi_Write(tDevice, buffer, sizeof(buffer), false);


  bResult = Readregister(0x1, &Value);


  /* close the TWI driver */

  result = adi_twi_Close(tDevice);