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ADI EPPI API problem

Question asked by bob2208 on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by Nabeel

I have a question related to the ADI API using CCES for BF608 and EPPI2 in receive mode. I'm using CrossCore.


I receive frames from Video Camera via the EPPI2, 640x480 resolution, 8bit data.

The problem is that when I receive the frame it always starts from different line and column in the image viewer.

Each frame that I receive is floating - the first pixel of the image starts  from different X and Y position.


For receiving frames I use:




result = adi_eppi_SubmitFrame(hDeviceCamera, pEmptyBuffer,



I checked the DMA31 and DMA32 registers after initialization and noticed  that they are all zeros except the STAT register.

Could that be the problem? Or am I missing something when I'm using the ADI EPPI API?