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HMC7044 / AD9528 / JESD204B clock gen source code

Question asked by KTQ on Dec 17, 2015
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I have a customer that is looking for a JESD204B clock generator with source code provided to program the device.  See below:


We strongly prefer manufacturer-provided C source code as a starting point for programming the parts, whether generic code or a Linux driver. Without that, we are looking at two to three man-months to develop a driver from scratch, no doubt with trial and error. Any manufacturer offering source code with their JESD204B-capable clock chips goes straight to the top of our list.


Other manufacturer's, like SiLabs, don't provide source code, but they do provide an algorithm description from which source code can be written.  If source code is not available from Analog Devices, does such a similar document exist for the HMC7044, AD9528, etc.?


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