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Parametric EQ data

Question asked by Anunnaki on Dec 17, 2015



I am using AD144x SigmaDSP and i am interested in the way that the SigmaStudio writes data into the DSP's RAM memory.


The process is a little bit explained here:

If i compare the data writen to the DSP for a General 2nd Order peaking filter and for a peaking filter in parametric for the same parameters (Gain, Q factor and frequency) i get different results. Both times SigmaStudio writes 5 parameters but different.


If I get it the function writes the z transform of the filter but i cant seem to plot it in matlab to get the same result I set in the parametric EQ.


Does anyone know how can i get the data and how can i go from Gain, frequency and Q factor to the transfer function in z plane with the b0, b1, b2 and a1, a2 parameters that are written to the DSP via Sigmastudio


Thank you!

Filip H.