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BF-70* PPI Transfer at 50MHz

Question asked by rhyseph on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Prashant

I’ve been using a BF-533 to acquire data from a 14bit parallel ADC (AD6645). The acquisition works well with a 50 MHz ADC/PPI clock, however we had missing samples using a 65 MHz clock. I’m not sure if this a limitation of the DSP or a problems with my configuration or evaluations boards (AD6644STZ -> EZ-extender -> BF-533-EZkit Lite).


Before designing a board, I am interested in moving to newer Blackfin to reduce power. However, we must be able to acquire at 50 MSps or higher.


From the datasheets, the maximum external PPI clock for receiving data is:

BF-70*                  fPCLKEXT ≤ 50 MHz         &  fPCLKEXT ≤ fSCLK0

BF-60*                  fPCLKEXT ≤ 83.3 MHz      &  fPCLKEXT ≤ fSCLK0

BF-53*                  fPCLK ≤ 66.7 MHz            &  fPCLK < fSCLK/2


Has anyone had success acquiring data from the BF-70* PPI at 50 MHz?