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axi_dmac doesn't work in vivado 2015.3

Question asked by fivepanda on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by rejeesh

IP integrator improves a lot in vivado 2015.3, so I want to migrate my adi-dma and libiio based design from 2014.2 to 2015.3.

I manually updated all needed adi ips and my own ips to 2015.3 version, including axi_dmac.


When I completed the design migration and integration, I checked the devicetree and found iio device "ad9265_lpc"

and "rx_dma" in linux OS, and they seem correctly linked to their own driver. The userspace software can open the iio

device "ad9265_lpc", but when "iio_buffer_refill", nothing returned, it just stop at there.


All the registers map exactly the same as the in 2014.2 version, and all adi ips are the newest... so what's the problem ?