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AD 8330 pulse responce clarification

Question asked by iliak on Dec 16, 2015
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We are evaluating the AD8330 amplifier for our needs, we are using the AD8330 on the evaluation board. The goal is to amplify the signal prior to ADC digitization.


For test purposes we attempted to amplify the 4us long square pulse from function generator (blue trace on the attached photo).


The output from the evaluation board are shown in yellow for Hi output and in pink for Low output. AS is obvious from the figure the pulse shape is not reproduced instead there are two spikes at the beginning and at the end of the pulse.


We provide +5V and -5V to power the board an +5V to the "enable" pin. Providing additional voltage for the Vmag input will change the intensity of the signal from AD8330 but not the shape.


Are we missing something?  We were hoping to get the same shape just amplified. Input pulse was few tens of mV.


We appreciate any advice,


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