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Advanced LED functionality on the ADAU1701MINIZ Board

Question asked by MichaelAF on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by KJBob

Hi All,


As mentioned in the subject line, I have the 1701MINIZ board and am using it as a basis for my own implementation that is mostly based on the implementations in that MINIZ, so anything that I can get to work on the MINIZ should work just fine in my final product.


That being said, here is what I'd like to do... just not sure its possible.


I'd like to be able to have 3-5 possible different signal paths, each with differing audio processing goals. This is the easier part... the hard part for me is this... can an LED be setup to blink a specified number of times to indicate which option is currently being used?


I am using a single LED and a single pushbutton.


The volume control for my board is not part of the DSP functionality so I have no need for a pair of buttons to do that stuff.


Open to any ideas, thoughts or pointers in a general direction.


Thanks in advance!