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ADuCM350 eval board power distribution

Question asked by amf on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by jackforin

Hi, I have 2 questions (attached) about how power is distributed on the ADuCM350 eval board:


   1)  Removing LK7 doesn't leave the two signals running to each of its pins, disconnected.  Why is that (i.e. where else on the board are VCCM_DIG and VCCM_ANA connected?


   2)  What is the purpose of creating VDDOUT and sending it off-board to the JTAG's J14 connector (i.e. is VDDOUT used anywhere on the board)?


   I want to run from a pair of alkaline batteries in series, whose 3V enters the eval board at J12, and I'm trying to understand all the power jumpering.  For instance, is it necessary to get the 3.3V_BOARD signal powered if I'm not programming the board, but just running its flashed code?