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Crosspoint switch arrays, bidirectional, unidirectional

Question asked by basvk on Dec 15, 2015
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A question about the crosspoint switch arrays, and specifically the AD75019 and/or AD8113. I have zero experiences with these IC's, and do not yet have any parts at hand so cannot test it myself at this point.


Consider the AD75019 in the following situation;

I have 16 audio sources on pins Y0 - Y15, and 16 audio 'receivers' on pins X0 - X15. What happens if I have receiver X0 connected to source Y0 and Y1, and receiver X1 connected to source Y0 and Y2?

Am I right to assume that, since it is a bidirectional matrix and all, that this switch-configuration now results in both receiver X0 and X1 to hear Y0, Y1 and Y2?


What happens in the same situation if I use the AD8113, where Y0-Y15 are now IN0-IN15 and X0-X15 are OUT0-OUT15? In other words, is the matrix itsself unidirectional aswell?


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