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Urgent problem with HE-AAC Decoder

Question asked by APetrov on Dec 15, 2015
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I'm using ADI MPEG4 HE-AAC decoder 6.2.0 on a sutom BF-516 board.

Recently I have recevied an AAC stream from a client that the decoder fails to process correctly.

The stream is 24kHz/128kbps, stereo, AAC-LC + SBR (HE-AAC v1) with ADTS header.

It looks like the decoder is failing in the final audio data output scaling. A closer inpection of the

decoder's audio output shows a lot of signed 16-bit wrap arrounds in both channels and the sound

heavily distorted.

The same stream is decoded without any problem with VLC and Windows Media Player 12.


I have attached short snippets of both the AAC stream and the decoded audio.


This problem needs an urgent solution!

Please respond ASAP.