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How to debug _fatal_exception

Question asked by tomaslo on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by CommanderDave


We are in the process of evaluating a BF70x for a project. I'm looking for some best-practice tips on how to debug exceptions etc. that end up like this (for example):


A non-recoverable error or exception has occurred.

  Description:   Illegal instruction fetch access (memory protection violation) (Exception with EXCAUSE=0x2B).

  General Type:  UnhandledException

  Specific Type: InstructionFetchViolation

  Error PC:      0x00000000


Let's say I have a really basic, bad program like this:


static void (*func)(void) = 0;

int main(void)





Running this program will result in the exception I just listed. However, in the debugger, I'm looking for some tips how to be get back to the point where the exception occured. The stack trace provided by default is not useful, and simply lists the address of "__fatal_exception" as the only entry.