Problems with Push Button Volume w/Mute module

Discussion created by chmed on Dec 12, 2015

While working with the 1452 eval board I've discovered what appears to be bugs in the Push Button Volume with Mute module.   I've found that the hold function (press the button and hold for it to step through the entries in the table) works with the non-Mute volume module but not with the mute version.  It simply move one step and stays there.  Also, when pressing both buttons together it doesn't function as a discreet mute.  Instead it appears to simply load the first entry in the table.  So, in my case I was experimenting with starting my table at about 18dB below intended operating level (since write back to the EEPROM doesn't work on this chip yet).  So, when I "mute" with this module it just drops the level to this starting point.