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AD9577 Channel 2 Power Down Bug?

Question asked by therisod on Dec 12, 2015
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I'm using the AD9577 as clock generator and I have been using it for about one week.

While programming the device through I2C I noticed that when disabling channel 2, writing a 1 to bit6 (PDCH2) of the register DR1 (0x3A) not only I shut down channel 2 but I also shut down channel 3. By writing a 0 in to PDCH2 both channels (CH2 & CH3) turn on again.


When shutting down CH3 ( writing a one in PDCH3) only CH3 is shut down (as expected) and then I'm able to turn it on again by writing a 0 in PDCH3)


When I shut down CH2 by writing a 1 in PDCH2, and also CH3 shuts down, even if I force/write a 0 in PDCH3 nothing happens CH3 remains off.


Is there an unreported bug in the behavior of PDCH2 or writing a one in this bit both channels (2&3) are supposed to shut down?


I didn't check the behavior of CH0 and CH1 (the board I designed doesn't use those channels and I keep them off all the time) any clue how the two channels behave when writing in PDCH0 and PDCH1?


I did check and double check that I'm writing the right bits in the right registers.

Did anybody experienced the same problem I'm having?

I'm the only one that shuts down both CH2 and CH3 when writing a 1 in PDCH2?


Please let me know.

Thank you,

        Stefano Thérisod