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Question asked by scott_rk on Dec 11, 2015
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Can the ADV7181C be configured to convert NTSC, PAL and S-Video to 4:4:4 RGB? This question was asked a while back. The discussion was closed with, "there's no script, but it is theoretically possible." Has anyone figured out how to do it? My very rudimentary understanding of the video standards tells me that it cannot be done because the video input is interlaced, but the CP does not output FIELD. I am replacing an existing design that uses 6 video input channels and the 24-bit RGB output (Samsung KS0127B). The RGB output has a FIELD signal.


Chips like the ADV7282 have de-interlacing, but I have to choose between 6 inputs and YCbCr output, or 4 inputs and RGB output. Obviously, I would like to avoid converting YCbCr to RGB.