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ADAU1761 intial audio settings

Question asked by vidhya on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by vidhya

Hello everyone,


I have got EVAL-ADAU1761EBZ to implement NLMS adaptive filter, but finding difficulty in giving audio input and taking output from the board.

It would be helpful if anyone can help me with intial environment settings as I am very new to this hardware.


Input:  From the Eval board doc -

It has three ac-coupled 1/8” input jacks:

two mono differential jacks and one stereo single-ended jack. IN 1 and IN 2 can also be configured to bias a microphone. This is enabled by connecting the MICBIAS pin of the ADAU1761 to the tip of the input connectors with Jumper J15 and Jumper J18.


I need to give two mono input from microphone (desired signal and reference noise) using IN1 and IN2. I connected the MICBIAS with Jumper J15 and Jumper J18 as shown in the figure and connected two microphones as input.

Right now I am getting comms Failed error in the tool.



Is it the right way to give input for nlms ? what other configuration needs to done in Sigmastudio tool ?



I am trying to take output from CAPLESS HP OUT. It it right?

I have attached my project.

Please give me your suggestion on this.


Thanks and regards,