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ADV7612  Power down

Question asked by Yuanguanfu on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by GuenterL

Hi,experts.Now  I am  use the ADV7612 in my project. And i set the regeisters as the scripts you offerd and when i connect the ADV7612 with the HDMI video source, the output video is OK ! BUT  the questions  i list as flow:

1、When i connect the HDMI cable with  ADV7612 and the HDMI source video,the ouput VIDEO is OK ,The all current is 200mA. And this  when i disconnect the HDMI cable.The all current flow to 96mA. And then i connect the cable too . The ADV7612 will not work on .and the all current is 96mA. i want to know is there any registers that i am not set right or is there any power down or standby mode does the ADV7612 works .

2   The another question is i connect the AP1 as the audio ouput i2s audio .but i can test the wclk is 48KHZ. and the SCLK is 64*48KHZ. and there is no I2S signal on the AP1 pin.  I use the ADV7612 only HDMI port A. and not used the HDMI port B. I want to konw is there any suggestion for me .! Thank you!