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AD9649: Switching clocks and input

Question asked by milosoftware on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by DougI

We plan to use the AD9649 in combination with an (existing!) system that switches between about 20 inputs using an analog mux of sorts. Each input provides an analog signal and a clock. The sample clocks run at about 8MHz. The clocks are not synchronized.


We've evaluated the AD9649 in a setup with only a single device and it performs well. We did some experiments with switching inputs, basically by just manually removing connectors, and that appeared to work as well, but I couldn't find information on if we're doing this properly.


When switching inputs, the clock input will "glitch". Experiments show that the AD9649 apparently isn't picky about it, but I'm enquiring here to make sure that this will continue to work in the real world.


For example, I could put the AD9649 in "shutdown" or "standby" mode while switching inputs. Would that make any difference?

Currently I just use "standby" so the clock glitches won't propagate to the FPGA.