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ADV7511 HDMI out to 4K monitor

Question asked by Ram@Atria on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by mattp

Hi All,


We are using xilinx zynq zc706 Eval Kit it has ADV7511 HDMI TX interface. We implemented the H.264 Decoder on FPGA. Using on board HDMI out interface (it has ADV7511) we are displaying the video on HD monitor. It works well!!


Recently we procured the 4k monitor for 10-bit pixel width support on same HDMI interface. Before that we tested the 4k monitor by connecting it with zynq zc706 board( on this decoder is running) via HDMI cable and we could not see the display on the 4k monitor. But if we connect HD monitor it works.


I have no idea how to proceed the next step to debug this issue. Why the 4k monitor is not displaying the HD content from ADV7511 chip of zynq? If i connect the 4k monitor with laptop it works (just one HDMI1.4 cable for HD).


Do i need to change any configurations of ADV7511? Kindly provide me some information to debug this issue.