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JTAG does not work on BF706

Question asked by blueskull on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by bretcj7

Hi, all,


I'm working on a custom board with BF706 on it, clocked by a 24MHz clock. The problem I have is ICE1000 won't be able to download program to the board. I already performed JTAG loop tests, and seems ICE1000 does NOT have problems with basic JTAG communication.


So, what else can go wrong? Do I need to write a customized board description file? The only difference between this board and EZLITE of BF706 is I'm using 24MHz clock, while EZLITE used 25MHz, and my board is powered by bock converter, not LDO, and my board uses a single bit FLASH, instead of a quad SPI FLASH.


There could be some signal integrity problems, but the total length is just below 2 inches, so I don't really think signal integrity is the culprit.


BTW, the error messages are failed to halt processor and failed to connect to processor, alternatively.






Bo Gao