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AD9361 internal LO causing AD5355 frequency to change

Question asked by iamsteve on Dec 10, 2015
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I am working on a project in which we are using an ADF5355 as an external oscillator for an AD9361 transceiver. We are communicating using LibIIO to both devices to configure them. This came across when debugging: with the AD9361 set to use an external oscillator, we’ll set the internal Rx LO to be some value (let’s say 1GHz), while the ADF5355 is acting as the external oscillator at something like 3GHz. What happens is that the Rx LO on the AD9361 gets set, and the ADF5355 frequency gets changed as well (to 2GHz). This behavior is unexpected and the question is what is causing this to happen.

We have experienced identical results using either the ADI IIO Oscilloscope GUI or Linux IIO file system (via `echo ‘1000000000’ > ad9361_device` calls).